Maistic Coco Scrubber for Pots and Pans – 2 pcs


Scrub away. The bottom of the casserole is always a nightmare to clean and fetching some of the microplastic polluting colorful sponges can be the easy solution. Not anymore. The Maistic Coco Scrub is natural coco fibres – lots of them. As a binder we added natural rubber (Latex) making the natural fibres a flat and firm natural and plastic free pot scourer. For extra strength the Coco Scrub are sewed in edges and across the middle of the scourer. The Coco Scrub is reusable & washable and contains 2 pcs per pack. We recommend using the dishwasher top drawer for rinsing the Coco Scrubs. Or rinse in hot water, not boiling. Dry standing up. Approx. size 7,5 x 10 cm. Comes in recyclable paper sleeve packaging.

This product is Vegan.

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Coco fibres, natural rubber (latex), cotton.